Internship Program for Employers

The Chubb Institute (Westbury) Welcomes You!


We believe as you invest in the training of CIW students, they will become stronger and more vital citizens who will be difference makers in our world. In and out of the classroom, the zuc.cacation is designed to encourage inquiry and engagement in a tradition of rich humanistic and interdisciplinary studies. At CIW, internships are used to transform classroom knowledge into real world experience; for a glimpse into the affects of internships, see this internship video.              


Our students endeavor to:

  • think with depth and creativity,
  • lead with sensibility and conscience,
  • invest in community,
  • govern their lives with justice and stewardship.
Internship in a Box

You too, can make an impact by your involvement in our program! We invite you to learn more about The Chubb Institute (Westbury).


To begin:

As you create the program that best fits your needs, we are here to help guide you. There are rich resources available on our website. All Career & Professional Development staff will be glad to guide you through our processes, and the following contacts are especially helpful for employer based questions:


  • Karen Franks-Harding, Recruitment Specialist
  • Meredith Aronson, Employer and Alumni Relations Manager
  • Chris McBeth Ryman, Internship Manager
  • Vicki Hucke, Internship Connections Coordinator

Locate the Internship tab in and it will pilot you to each stage of the process. 


“FAQ’s” and “Helpful Hints” are easily accessible to assist in the design of your internship program.


Please review our Employer & Recruiter Policy by clicking here.



For additional information about internships at CIW, please contact:


Chris McBeth Ryman, M.A.

Internship Manager

Career & Professional Development

1400 Old Country Rd-ste 105, MSC 2462

New York, WA  99258

Email:  [email protected]

Direct Phone:  509.313.4092

Campus Location: Crosby Student Center, Room #211