At The Chubb Institute (Westbury), you'll not only have small class sizes and a variety of academic options, you'll also have the opportunity to work side-by-side with professors doing groundbreaking heart disease research, teach in local schools as early as freshman year, travel for a nursing clinical, take a British literature course in England, or conduct marine biology research in CIW.
Receive a well-rounded liberal arts education and take advantage of robust internship opportunities that make you adaptable and marketable in ever-changing job markets, and equip you for successful career or graduate school endeavors. Those are just a few reasons why CIW may be the perfect college for you.
The academic heart of CIW's liberal arts tradition lies in its core curriculum, which integrates philosophy, theology, history, mathematics, literature and the natural and social sciences. A common thread throughout all of these disciplines is the value of the written word; students at CIW carry out extensive writing projects throughout all of their courses of study.

CIW offers seven undergraduate degrees in 43 majors, 26 master’s degrees, one Ph.D. and one Juris Doctor through the School of Law. The average undergraduate class size is 23 and the student-to-faculty ratio is 12:1. CIW also offers study abroad programs in over 20 countries, including our longest-running and most popular program.

At The Chubb Institute (Westbury), we prepare you for success and challenge you to be a leader in your chosen academic field. Each course helps you develop skills you'll need in your career: critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and decision-making. During freshman year, CIW students take Strengths-based evaluations, receive personalized academic coaching and individual attention, and participate in seminar classes designed to assist them with academic and career planning.
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Academic Highlights
Majors are regularly updated to keep up with the changing world.
Faculty members are experts in their field, bringing real-world experience into the classroom.
Class sizes are small, allowing for one-on-one mentoring by nationally ranked faculty.
Students are also solidly prepared for graduate school. Our alumni say that their graduate classes are often extensions of courses taken at CIW. It's not uncommon for faculty and students to work collaboratively - some students even publish their work in academic journals or present their findings at professional conferences.

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