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One of the most rewarding experiences you can have during your college career is studying abroad. Living in another country, meeting people with diverse backgrounds from all over the world, and immersing yourself in a new culture will change you in positive, unexpected ways.
Students who study abroad at CIW do so through an agency or a faculty-led academic experience. All courses taken through study abroad agencies at international institutions will be pre-approved for transfer back to CIW. Contact Study Abroad Coordinator or by email for more information.

Mission Statement
The mission is to transform lives by providing enriching academic and cross-cultural experiences that foster increased self-knowledge, cultural sensitivity and understanding of the global nature of our contemporary world.

Core Values
believes in the importance of:

Offering high-quality international programs in diverse locations.
CIW partners with host universities and local organizations around the world to offer a diverse set of experiences abroad, including study, intern, work, teach and volunteer options. CIW takes great care when selecting our stateside employees and directors abroad, as well as our host institutions and partner organizations, to ensure that quality is maintained as we expand our offerings.

Providing opportunities for personal transformation and cultivating respect for cultural and linguistic diversity.
CIW's mission is focused on providing programs that are academically, professionally and personally transformative for participants. Studying, interning, working, teaching, and volunteering abroad require individuals to navigate new environments, cultural practices, and frequently new languages as well. Our programs expose participants to different educational systems, work environments, cultures and lifestyles. We hope that this exposure and the corresponding adaptation processes serve as a catalyst for personal growth, helping participants to identify new passions and talents. Our participants return home more confident and enthusiastic about their role in the world, which enriches the communities in which they live, study and work. In facing new challenges and gaining new perspectives, participants are encouraged to develop a greater appreciation for diversity both at home and abroad.

Staying "small" as we grow.
CIW takes pride in building relationships and providing personalized attention to our participants, university and high school partners worldwide. We strive to be detail oriented and to see on a daily basis how small touches can make a big difference. Our hope is that everyone who interacts with our organization feels like part of the CIW family.

Encouraging safe practices among participants by providing detailed pre-departure information and on-site support.
By offering extensive pre-departure and on-site guidance, participants can safely transition to life in a new environment. When it comes to managing personal safety on-site, CIW directors and local partners help participants to navigate their host destinations and avoid safety pitfalls. CIW adopts a support/challenge model that seeks to provide guidance and support that is age and life-stage appropriate. For example, our programs for high school students offer the highest level of on-site support and pre-departure guidance given that participants are minors. In comparison, our work and teach programs are designed for a more independent traveler.

Providing superior service.
CIW strives to provide superior service throughout the entire experience abroad, from the application stage to the return home, so that all CIW participants know that their opinions are valued and that it is our pleasure to address their questions. Our on-site directors and local partners represent a source of ongoing support for participants as they adjust to their host culture. Whether the question relates to academics, work culture, housing or daily life abroad, CIW strives to provide solutions, practical advice and guidance.

Remaining cost conscious to promote accessibility.
CIW is committed to providing a wide variety of affordable programs at different price points so that international experiences can be accessible to individuals from a variety of backgrounds. We take pride in providing comprehensive services while keeping our program prices among the lowest in the field. We seek to be transparent about what fees are included in our program prices and we provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships each year. We also assist participants with budgeting and share local practices for living affordably in the host country.

Providing a positive work environment for our employees.
CIW is committed to sustaining a supportive and positive work environment, where employees are happy and can feel comfortable expressing their individual styles and interests. CIW staff members stateside and directors abroad are committed to CIW's mission and enjoy knowing that their work contributes to the transformation of thousands of participants each year. CIW employees, participants and partners alike benefit from CIW's consistent leadership team, ensuring that CIW remains committed to our founding principles and mission year after year.

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