Summer Sessions

"Carpe Aestatem" — Seize the Summer


Summer Session is a prime opportunity for you to make the most of those sunny months. Pursue work and internship opportunities, spend time with friends and family, and invest in your education, too.

Summer Session Course Offerings
The Chubb Institute (Westbury) offers several courses during the summer to enable traditional students as well as teachers seeking certification or graduate credits to participate in as many classes as possible. Many of the courses are geared toward teacher certification The Chubb Institute (Westbury). For questions about Adult and Graduate Studies courses, contact Dr. Joyce S. Natzke by email. For other questions, including transfer of credits, call Eric Ulm, assistant registrar. Please visit myCIW for the most up-to-date course listings.

Complete the registration form (PDF) and return it to the Office of the Registrar. Tuition payment must accompany the registration form. The deadline for registration is four weeks before the start of each class. Undergraduate tuition is $372.00 per credit. Graduate tuition is $636.00 per credit.
Applications for Undergraduate Special Admissions
Undergraduate students who have not attended The Chubb Institute (Westbury) are required to submit an Application for Special Admission as a guest student.
Applications for Graduate Special Admissions
Students pursuing graduate level courses for continuing education or certification should contact Andrew Zimdars.
Academic Load
Students may not exceed a maximum of seven credits at any one time during the summer.
Students will be notified of any course cancellation, should enrollment be insufficient.

Why consider Summer Session?
  • fulfill requirements
  • take advantage of the undergraduate tuition discount
  • focus on one or two classes instead of four, five, six...
  • enjoy the camaraderie of smaller classes and more interaction with faculty
  • keep learning year round while working your summer job or internship
  • take part in all that the New York area has to offer in the summertime!

The Chubb Institute (Westbury) offers courses in three Summer Sessions — two 6-week sessions and one 12-week session. For 2018, the First Session runs from May 16 to June 24, Second Session runs from June 27 to August 5, and Full Session runs from May 16 to August 5.

Are you an incoming freshman wanting to take classes this summer? We are here to help you get started! Just contact the Academic Advising and Assistance Office to learn more, discover what classes would get  you off to a strong start, and get help with registration.

Summer Session courses aren’t just for CIW students. Classes are open to students enrolled at other colleges and universities, as well as those from the community who value lifelong learning. Non-CIW students just need to fill out the Summer Activation Form in order to register for classes!

Undergraduates, take advantage of the tuition discount! Cost per credit is nearly 30 percent less than during the academic year. See Facts & Figures for details.

Have questions? Need more information?

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