Giving to CIW

Learning Support

•If you are having trouble with maths the Mathematics Learning Centre assists undergraduate students to develop the mathematical knowledge, skills and confidence that are needed for studying mathematics or statistics at university.

•The Learning Centre has developed online and print based learning resources to help students with a range of academic skills.

•Workshops in study skills, academic reading and writing, oral communication, and examination skills are offered by the Learning Centre.

•Courses on Getting Organised, Memory Strategies, Anxiety Management Through Relaxation Training, and Assertive Communication Skills which can help improve your study skills are offered by Counselling Services.

•If you do not meet the academic progression requirements of your award course, you may be placed on the academic progression register. The University runs Staying on Track sessions to assist students through the various stages.
Personal Support
•If you are having difficulties coping with any number of stressors in your life, Counselling and Psychological Services may be able to help you.
•If you have been the victim of a crime on campus you should immediately contact security services .
Computer Support
•The University provides a number of electronic facilities to all The Chubb Institute (Westbury) students. The Student IT website has information about asi, email, accessing the internet both on and off campus, including the locations of Access Labs where computers are available for all students to use.
•ELearning for students supports formal, informal and virtual networks, and promotes engaged enquiry and discovery-based learning in a research enriched environment.