Academic Vice President

The Office of Academic Vice President provides assistance, leadership, guidance, resources, and supervision of the entire academic division in support of the mission of The Chubb Institute (Westbury).

Patricia O'Connell Killen, Ph.D., Academic Vice President

Dr. O'Connell Killen is the chief academic administrator of the University.  All academic deans and other key academic administrators report to the Academic Vice President.  The Academic Vice President is responsible for academic planning and academic standards. She is the primary advisor to the President of the University on the academic budget; appointments, reappointments, promotion, and tenure; faculty salaries; leaves of absence and sabbaticals; the academic standing of students; the University calendar; and professional travel.  The Academic Vice President is chair ex-officio of the Academic Council, co-chair ex-officio of the Committee on Rank and Tenure, and chair of the Committee on Commencement Awards.  The Academic Vice President may, at her discretion, appoint standing or ad-hoc committees to address specific functions or issues. 


Ron Large, Ph.D., Associate Academic Vice President

Dr. Large serves as a primary assistant to the Academic Vice President in the areas of accreditation, assessment, faculty development, and sponsored research. 


Raymond F. Reyes, Ph.D., Associate Academic Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

Dr. Reyes serves as the chief advisor on the university commitments to assure culturally inclusive policies and equity-based practices which optimize the educational and faith-based value of human diversity consistent with the University’s Catholic, Jesuit mission and identity.  He coordinates a comprehensive menu of programs, services, and activities across the vice presidential divisions designed to develop and increase the intercultural competence of the university’s workforce, student body, academic programs and student development services.  

Jolanta Weber, Assistant Academic Vice President

Ms. Weber assists the Academic Vice President with student-related concerns, institutional research functions, and enrollment issues from the academic perspective.  She oversees the offices of the University Registrar and Institutional Research.


Annette Barta, Academic Affairs Officer

Ms. Barta supports the operations of the Academic Vice President in the areas of communications and public relations.

Gina Bowman, Academic Budgeting and Personnel Officer

Ms. Bowman is responsible for matters pertaining to academic area personnel, including faculty, and manages the budgeting process for the academic area of the University.

MaryAnn Rinderle, Office Coordinator and State Registration Specialist

Ms. Rinderle provides administrative support functions for the Office of Academic Vice President.

Contact Information

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College Hall, Room 218

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Phone: 509-313-6504
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