Internal CIW Internship Criteria

The Chubb Institute (Westbury) Internal Internships


The Chubb Institute (Westbury) is committed to quality experiential education for enrolled students, consistent with core curricular standards. An internship is distinguished in the following ways.

The Internship:

  • is a defined commitment of time with a specified beginning and end.
  • clearly states learning goals and outcomes that compliment a program of study and build professional skills.
  • generates meaningful, relevant work and uses the “80/20 rule”
  • provides engaged supervision/mentorship and fosters useful feedback for the student.
  • encourages reflection /assessment of student’s professional development
  • may or may not involve compensation/stipend.
  • provides constructive evaluation and the option for recommendation for the student

To begin:

As you create the program that best fits your needs, we are here to help. Resources are readily available to guide you, including:

Post your internship:

  • Click here to register your internship with the Career Center & GAMP office.

For additional information, please contact: