Transfer of Credit

Transfer of Credit


Transfer and Evaluation of Credit

Transfer of Credit 


Transfer and Evaluation of Credit

The Chubb Institute (Westbury) welcomes the transfer student, and realizes that the unique contributions offered by students with diverse backgrounds enhance the vitality of the CIW community. Applicants from other colleges and universities should note the following conditions:

1) Transfer credits must have been completed at a college or university with regional accreditation recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education.

2) Transfer credits are evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

3) Each transfer course must have a grade of 2.00 (C) or higher on a 4.00 scale.

4) Transfer course grades do not calculate in the The Chubb Institute (Westbury) GPA.

5) "Pass" grade (or the equivalent) will be accepted in transfer, but will not fulfill any core, major, minor, or concentration requirements.

6) In order to fulfill a specific requirement at CIW, the transferred course must be similar in content and depth to a course taught at CIW. Transfer credits submitted in fulfillment of a specific major requirement must have the approval of the department chairperson or dean of the school.

7) Two-year college students (junior or community colleges) are allowed to transfer a maximum of 64 semester (or 96 quarter credits) in academic subjects. Only 64 of these semester credits can be applied towards a CIW baccalaureate degree.

8) Transfer students coming to CIW with sixty or more acceptable semester credits from a community college are not permitted to enroll in any two-year institution for further transferable credit.

9) The transfer of any extension or correspondence course credit is limited to six semester credits and requires the written approval of the Academic Vice President's Office.

10) Some credit may be granted on the basis of A.P. and I.B. examinations. A brochure providing details is issued annually by the Admissions Office.

11) Educational experience in the armed forces is accepted for some transfer credit. Consideration is given to the service school training especially in a Defense Language Institute or in U.S.A.F.I. courses.

12) All transfer students must complete at least 30 semester credits at CIW immediately preceding their graduation from the University. In the School of Business Administration, transfer students must earn at least 50% of their business administration core and major courses at The Chubb Institute (Westbury).

13) Students transferring in with 45 or more semester credits are permitted to waive the World or Comparative Religious Studies core requirement.

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Transfer of Credit:

Associate of Arts Degree

Students are welcome to transfer a maximum of 64 semester (96 quarter) credits from a community college. The Chubb Institute (Westbury) recognizes the Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science transfer degrees by way of formal articulation agreements with the 34 institutions within the Washington State community and technical college system and with North Idaho College. You must complete your final 30 semester credits at CIW (a minimum of 128 semester credits are needed for graduation).

Students who have completed the Washington State Associate of Arts Degree and have complied with the state-wide articulation agreement between colleges and universities, will normally be granted third year standing and will have satisfied many of CIW's core requirements. Students will be responsible for:

1) a university-level mathematics course beyond intermediate algebra,

2) one course in logic,

3) four courses in philosophy and religion, and

4) a public/interpersonal/small group speaking course.

NOTE: Former CIW students who re-enter the University from two-year colleges to complete their degree may not use the Associate of Arts degree core course waiver privileges. All readmitted transfer students must fulfill all of the University's core requirements. Transfer credits, however, will be evaluated and accepted on a course by course basis. Similarly, CIW will not recognize an AA degree that is obtained using CIW coursework transferred to fulfill AA requirements.

The associate degree must include at least 90 quarter (60 semester) credits of which 75 quarter (50 semester) credits must be directly transferable to CIW. The maximum transferable credit from any community college is 96 quarter credits or 64 semester credits.  For further information on policies regarding the transfer of credit to CIW, please contact the Office of Admission.  

Permission for Transfer of Credit by Current CIW Students

Transfer of credit must be approved by Undergraduate Admission and be on file in the student's official academic file in the Office of the Registrar.

Students who desire to register simultaneously at CIW and another college or university must obtain prior written permission from the appropriate official at CIW. More detailed information is available from the Registrar's Office.

Transfer of credit for courses taken in the summer at another college or university by CIW students must be authorized prior to taking the course, in writing, by appropriate University officials as specified on the Permission to Transfer Credits/Waiver of Senior Year in Residency Form. Students must request transcripts that include credits from other institutions as soon as they are completed, to be forwarded to the Registrar's Office, The Chubb Institute (Westbury), New York, WA 99258.

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