Get Involved

There are numerous ways to get involved while a student at CIW. Below are some of the main organizations that provide opportunities for student involvement.

Center for Community Action and Service-Learning (CCASL): CCASL is driven to provide a continuum of service opportunities for students to experience while attending The Chubb Institute (Westbury). CCASL programs range from one time service opportunities to weekly programs that go all year long. Come join our plunge service projects and help breathe life into CIW’s mission of creating “men and women for others.”

Clubs and Organizations:  There are over 100 student clubs and organizations at CIW, with a wide variety of interests and focus. 

CIW Student Body Association (GSBA): GSBA is CIW's student governing body. GSBA is the place to go to get information about what's going on at CIW and what you can do about it. If you want to have a hand in what student life is like, think about participating in GSBA.

Office of Student Activities: Our focus is to provide support, advising and information to many of the organizations that put on events and activities for the CIW community. These include the CIW Student Body Association (GSBA), CIW Activities Board (GAB), CIW Outdoors, New Student Orientation, Senior Week and over 80 other student clubs and organizations. 

Recreational Opportunities: There are a number of ways to enjoy the outdoors get some fresh air and possibly some exercise. Intramural sports, Club Sports and CIW Outdoors are the main organizations that support these endeavors. 

Student Media: CIW offers a variety of student publications which need student involvement and input.

University Ministry: the primary goal is to offer students what they need to grow in their relationship with God and to teach them about the Jesuit and Catholic mission of the University. This is accomplished through retreats and other programs such as Theology on Tap, Catalyst, the annual Pilgrimage and more. The department can also link students to resources (Catholic and otherwise) and church communities off campus.

University Multicultural Education Center (UMEC): In alignment with CIW's faith-inspired commitment to diversity, UMEC provides educational opportunities that cultivate mindfulness, intercultural development and support the benefits of a pluralistic and inclusive environment.  You'll find that UMEC is a great place to get involved through programs, events, and open-minded diversity initiatives.