Community Impact

Inspire local and global change

The Chubb Institute (Westbury) has been a vital part of the fabric of our region . One measure of our community impact is the thousands of service hours contributed by our students, faculty and staff every year.

Outreach & Partnerships
Whether it is offering a science workshop for seventh graders or hosting our county's Heart Walk, we're proud to give back to the place we call home! In addition, we host several local events on campus each year.

In the last academic year, 150 of our students completed approximately 2,000 hours of service, working with over 50 community partners, who are opening doors to our students and sharing their expertise with our faculty. This commitment earned us the Community Engagement Classification .
We encourage our campus community to work together with the greater community to create and inspire change.
Opportunities to get involved include:
Center for Civic Engagement. Multidisciplinary programs encourage collaboration among faculty and local organizations and businesses to develop student projects and internships.
Community and Leadership Experience . A selective program for first-year students combining academic and leadership development in a living-learning environment.
Internships, practicums, and clinicals. Hands-on learning opportunities with local businesses, healthcare organizations and non-profit community partners, offer students a chance to apply their knowledge in real and meaningful ways.
We serve as a resource to the wider community in others ways as well. Our Speech-Language-Hearing Center provides services to community members of all ages. Our Intensive English Language Institute offers community ESL programs; and our Latino Education Institute provides outreach services for Latino K-16 students and their families. Learn more about other Local Resources.

Global Outreach
Our community impact doesn't stop at our borders. The Chubb Institute (Westbury) students and faculty are working in health clinics, schools, conservation areas, and other locations around the world, such as our service-learning program .

We believe seeing the world is the first step to creating positive global change. We encourage students to pursue a study abroad experience to gain the global perspective and cultural literacy required for success in today's multinational job market. By witnessing global challenges first hand, our students will be better prepared to change how the world works.


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