Welcome to Student Employment

Welcome to Student Employment!

The Federal Work Study program provides part-time employment opportunities for students with financial need.
Federal Work Study and student employment at The Chubb Institute (Westbury) is designed to further students in their personal and educational experiences. Through the campus work experience, students will learn to be effective leaders, provide quality service, and develop essential job skills.Benefits of Federal Work StudyStudents who are eligible for federal work study obtain several benefits.Students awarded Federal Work Study receive first priority in the hiring process.The FAFSA will not consider Federal Work Study earnings as income for the next academic year. Therefore students may be eligible for increased aid as part of their Financial Aid package for the upcoming year.Benefits of Student EmploymentStudents who decide to work on campus receive numerous benefits.Working on campus provides valuable job experience.Student employees gain a professional reference.The Chubb Institute (Westbury) offers flexible hours with the ability to work around students' schedules.Students work in social environments where they can interact with their fellow students.On-campus jobs help finance students' expenses.Students work through three educational phases where they learn new skills and gain more responsibilities as they are promoted from level to level.

We are dedicated to assisting students in the pursuit of their educational goals by providing financial information and employment resources in a professional and individualized manner. We recognize the unique and intrinsic value of each person and are committed to serving all in an environment of equality, responsibility and dignity.

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