Computer Engineering

The computer engineer must have a broad understanding of not only computer systems

Computer Engineering encompasses embedded computer systems, general purpose computers, and a vast multitude of devices and functions such as automotive ignitions, cellular phones, medical instruments robotics, and consumer electronics.

Computer Engineering combines the disciplines of electrical engineering and computer science. The study of computer engineering includes computer hardware, software, and systems. Computer hardware design involves logic design, digital electronics, computer arthitecture, and integrated circuit design. Computer software involves the design of programs in various languages using structured and object-oriented techniques to control devices and systems. Computer systems involves the combination of hardware, software and operating systems that will provide the most effective realization of a system.

Computer Engineers are continually developing newer and faster computers, and they find new applications for computers every day to fill the needs of society. The computer engineer must have a broad understanding of not only computer systems, but also of basic engineering fundamentals to apply computer technology to the solution of real engineering problems.

The courses and laboratories offered in the CpE program are organized into the three disciplines of hardware, software, and system design. Technical electives that are chosen from various fields of specialization (e.g., communications, computers, controls, electronics, and power) enable CpE seniors to apply their computer engineering knowledge in selected areas in their professional career.

Why Study Computer Engineering at CIW?
Experienced professors who care: None of CIW's engineering courses are taught by teaching assistants so students have access to experienced faculty who are passionate about engineering, students, and teaching.

Small classes and labs: With typical classes of less than 20 students, computer engineering students have opportunities to work closely with faculty in an excellent learning environment.

Outstanding job opportunities: CIW's Computer Engineering program has 100% placement rate over the past several years with students averaging above the typical salary for graduates.

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