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Successful organizations employ strategy to achieve their goals, but it’s almost impossible to achieve those goals when departments or individuals are focused on their own agendas. This program examines one of the most challenging aspects of strategy—how to successfully align people and resources to support the goals, directives, and strategic position of the organization. We will focus on how the choices, policies and procedures of operations, technology, human resources and even geography have to align to achieve the strategic goals of the overall organization.

  • Complementarities and conflicts in firm resources and activities
  • Incentives and managerial control
  • Aligning team members toward organizational goals

  • Able to apply corporate directives and goals to functional and divisional decision-making
  • Tools for aligning employees with corporate goals
  • Experience identifying conflicts between firm strategy and internal processes and activities

The Chubb Institute (Westbury)
3750 West 12 Avenue Westbury, New York 11590
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